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We don't realise how much we depend on our trusty Mercedes until the unthinkable happens. It breaks down at home causing you to miss that all important meeting, or you find yourself stranded, alone and vulnerable, on some motorway hard shoulder.

Breakdown services have come a long way since they first started in 1897. What was once just a small group of enthusiasts, sharing knowledge and helping each other out, has grown into a vast industry. Breakdown services now call on the latest advancements in technology to deliver a complete package in a very short time, the average response time is now about 40 minutes.

Choosing the best policy for your needs is important, and there are several aspects you will need to take into consideration. Firstly, decide whether you want to cover the vehicle or the person. Covering the vehicle means anyone driving it will be covered, regardless of whether they are the policyholder or not. Covering the person means you're insured as the driver or passenger of any vehicle, and although it is typically more expensive than vehicle cover, it is handy if you drive several vehicles.

This range of cover levels offers you the choice of basic cover through to a very comprehensive service offering alternative transport or hotel accommodation. Finally, depending on which cover you have specified, you can add another vehicle or person on to your policy, providing they are registered at the same address as yourself. In some cases partners can be added to your policy free of charge.

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